Changes in the Study Law starting from winter semester 2022/23

On 1 October 2022, the amendment of the Universities Act (UG 2002) becomes effective. The resulting changes also affect you.

Parts of the amendment have extensive consequences for your studies - regardless of whether you are currently studying or you want to resume your studies.

Changes for all students of the University of Vienna

Payment deadline for the tuition fee/Students’ Union fee

The payment deadline ends one month earlier than before. You will receive a payment request via E-Mail as usual. Take note of the new deadlines and pay at an early date.

Changes for everyone who wants to complete a degree programme in winter semester 2022/23

The shortened deadline (see above) also affects the payment of the tuition fee/Students’ Union fee when completing a degree programme.

If you complete your degree programme until 31 October, you do not have to pay for the winter semester. If you have already paid, you can apply for reimbursement of the tuition fee/Students’ Union fee. If you complete your degree programme after this date, the reimbursement is not possible.

The same applies, if you are completing your degree programme until 31 March in the summer semester.

Changes for students who are in the STEOP (introductory and orientation period)

After a STEOP examination was assessed negatively four times, your admission to this degree programme expires. A resumption of this degree programme is not possible at the University of Vienna. The expulsion applies retroactively, if you have not pass the STEOP before the winter semester 2022/23 and have not resumed the degree programme by then. The expulsion also affects other degree programmes where the same, negatively assessed, examination is part of the curriculum.

Changes for everyone, who wants to start studying a degree programme

16 ECTS minimum number of credits

You have to obtain at least 16 ECTS credits within four semesters for all bachelor/diploma programmes you are admitted to starting from winter semester 2022/23. Failing that, your admission to the degree programme expires. A resumption of this degree programme is only possible after two academic years (= four semester). This also applies, if you change a degree programme, are admitted to an additional degree programme or resume your studies.


The recognition of examinations, other academic achievement, experience and qualifications was, in part, newly regulated in the amendment to the Universities Act ("UG-Novelle"). 

New assessment criteria were introduced, deadlines for the application for recognition were determined, some formal criteria were abolished and the recognition of experience and qualifications was made possible.