Exams with student attendance at exam centres

Drawing of a student taking an exam in an exam centre

Digital exams are an opportunity provided by the University that allow you and your teachers who are teaching remotely to successfully complete the semester together during the period of remote learning.

However, it is not always possible to hold exams digitally. For exams that have to be carried out on site, exam centres have been established.

Exams at the University of Vienna primarily take place digitally and only in particular cases on site at exam centres. The examination modes can be found on u:find. If you register for an exam that is held at an exam centre, you will receive further information about the procedure via e-mail to your u:account e-mail address.

Exam situations often cause stress. Holding and taking exams under these new conditions is a new experience for both you and the university employees. Despite the strict health regulations necessary for the safety of all persons involved, we aim to make the exam period as pleasant as possible and thereby reduce stress.

The most important requirements for exams with student attendance at exam centres are:

  • Only take the exam if you are healthy and feel fit.
  • Prepare properly for the exam. This applies not only to the examination topics but also to the organisational aspects of getting to the exam location and obtaining information about the relevant regulations.
  • All procedures for exams with student attendance are carefully scheduled to minimise the contact with others. Therefore, we ask you to arrive on time.
  • Always keep a distance of at least 1 metre to other persons, also when queuing or when several persons are present, e.g. in sanitary facilities.
  • Be considerate of others. Stay calm: Mistakes can happen, to you or anybody else involved.

The basic information and the rules for exams with student attendance at exam centres are summarised in the following section.

How to: Exams with student attendance at exam centres

Before the exam

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  • Obtain information about the exam on u:find and register via u:space. You can only participate if you are duly registered for the exam. 
  • If you cannot participate in an exam at the exam centre because you belong to a group at higher risk, please contact the Accessible Studying team (Team Barrierefrei) as soon as possible. This also applies if you live in a common household with members of a high-risk group or have childcare responsibilities for a member of a high-risk group. The university will try to find an adequate solution for you.
  • If you experienced symptoms of COVID-19 during a 14-day period before the exam or on the day of the exam itself or had close contact with persons who showed symptoms of COVID-19, do not participate in the exam and deregister from the exam (via u:space or immediately before the exam by notifying the examiner). Your health and the health of your fellow students and university employees are of the highest priority.
  • Approximately one week before the exam you will receive a notification to your u:account e-mail address of the exact time and location of the exam. 
  • Prepare what you need:
    • Student ID card or valid official photo identification card
    • Pens, e.g. ballpoint pen
    • Face mask
    • Permitted materials for the exam
    • Bag/backpack (no larger than carry-on baggage) to stow your jacket, mobile phone, umbrella, keys, etc.
    • If needed: Something to drink

On the day of the exam

Arriving at the exam location

  • Schedule enough time for getting to the exam location. Obtain information about accessing your exam centre and keep the minimum distance to other persons.
  • You must wear a face mask in university buildings whenever the minimum distance of 1 metre cannot be maintained. This applies in particular to the entrance areas or the identity check sites, queues or sanitary facilities. However, this may also be the case in other situations. Therefore, always keep your face mask within reach. Bring along your personal face mask (in the interest of sustainability and wearing comfort). On site, only a limited number of replacement face masks are available (in case of loss or damage).
  • You require a student ID card or a valid official photo identification card at the entrance and during the exam. To be able to keep the time for checking your identity and the exam registration confirmation as short as possible, your student ID card is scanned. It is not necessary that the student ID card is validated. Keep your student ID card within reach for this purpose. The identity can also be checked with another valid official photo identification card, but it may take a little longer. Always keep your ID card within reach (without cover, opened to the page with your photo).

After entering the building

  • After having accessed the entrance area, immediately proceed to your exam room. Follow the signs to find the way. Employees can give you directions if you need help. But please always keep the minimum distance.
  • In the exam room, take a seat at one of the labelled workspaces and stow all of your belongings that you do not need during the exam in your bag.
  • You must only place pens, permitted materials for the exam, your ID card and, if needed, your beverage on the table.
  • You are entitled to wear a face mask throughout your stay in the building. During the identity check, students may be requested to remove their face mask for identification purposes while maintaining a safe distance.
  • The names of all persons present at the exam as well as the specific exam room have to be recorded in order to identify and notify the participants/employees present at the exam in case of an infection.
  • If the exam papers are already placed on the workspace, you must not open them until the invigilator has given you the signal.

During the exam

  • We expect queues that may lead to a violation of the minimum distance rule due to organisational reasons (e.g. when handing in exam papers). The invigilator will tell you when you have to put on your face mask. Follow these instructions.
  • If you have questions or problems, please raise your hand to notify the invigilator. Put on your face mask during any interaction where you expect that you cannot maintain the minimum distance of 1 metre. For medical emergencies, trained personnel are on site.
  • Follow the instructions on the exam sheet and complete the exam papers.
  • Leaving the exam room before the end of the exam is not permitted for security reasons.

What happens if you do not follow the rules?

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You must observe all rules or instructions given to you during the exam on site. The rules protect the health of all persons involved and are the basis for duly carrying out the exam.

In the event of a breach of the regulations or of non-compliance with the instructions, the responsible examiner and every invigilator present can discontinue the exam and expel the respective student(s) from university premises. Thus, the exam is discontinued, and you have to leave the building immediately.

Any such incidents are documented in the examination record and reported immediately to the member of the Rectorate responsible for teaching, as well as to the Studienpräses. As the health of all persons involved and the quality assurance of the exam are of the highest priority, any sanctions according to study law will be evaluated. You will then be notified of the consequences via e-mail to your u:account e-mail address.

Exam centres

Exams with student attendance take place in large (with a number of sectors) or small (with only a few / no sectors) exam centres.

Information on whether an exam takes place on site can be found in u:find st the respective course information. You will receive precise access information by email via your u:account email address.

Here you can see the sector maps of the large exam centres:

Picture of the Main Building of the University of Vienna

© Alex Schuppich

Picture of the Juridicum.

© Gebhard Sengmüller


© Franz Pfluegl


bild des Hörsaalzentrums am Campus der Universität Wien.

Campus © Universität Wien / Barbara Mair

Spitalgasse 2-4, 1090 Vienna

Every person participating in the exam receives information about their allocated coloured sector in the relevant exam centre to their u:account e-mail address. This coloured sector specifies the wing of the exam centre where the exam is held. Access is only permitted via the entrance assigned to the exam sector. You receive information about the relevant coloured sectors in due time before the start of the exam. It is also displayed on site.

For example: After having successfully registered for the exam, you receive an e-mail notifying you that you have been assigned to the blue sector in the “Main Building” exam centre. This means that you will take the exam in the rooms highlighted in blue in the Main Building. You can only access these rooms via the entrance of the blue sector in the Main Building.

At the entrances there will be identity and security checks (if you are wearing the face mask and if you are authorised to participate in the exam).


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Inside the buildings

When entering and staying in the buildings, the following applies:
  • wear a face mask (bring your own in the interest of sustainability and wearing comfort) if you are not sure that you can maintain the minimum distance of 1 metre.
  • maintain a minimum distance of 1 metre from other persons at any time
  • remain in the general areas and sanitary facilities for as short a period as possible
  • comply with the instructions given by the university employees in charge of carrying out the exam at any time

Information about hygiene and safety standards

The workspaces of students are cleaned before every exam. Sanitary facilities and entrance areas are equipped according to the necessary hygiene measures.

Exam rooms and workspaces are set up in a way that guarantees, at all times, observance of the minimum distance between students in accordance with the general health regulations. The workspaces to be used are labelled accordingly.

Unless instructed otherwise, university employees must wear face masks. Employees handing out and collecting documents wear work gloves.



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