Room for study groups

An important aspect in your studies is the exchange with fellow students. To give study groups the opportunity to meet in person despite the current restrictions, the University offers them seminar rooms to work in study groups.

Students of the University of Vienna can book time slots in the seminar rooms in the Main Building for their study groups and can use them free of charge for personal exchange.

Hallway at the lecture centre of the Main Building

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  • You can book the rooms via the booking tool by logging in with your u:account.
  • After you have booked a room, you receive a booking confirmation. You have to present this confirmation when collecting the key card.
  • The key card for the room that you booked can be collected by the person who booked the room or a proxy by depositing a photo identity card (e.g. u:card) at the porter of the Main Building. After using the room, you have to return the key card to the porter.
  • Rooms can be booked one week in advance.

Booking conditions and terms of use

  • A student books a room for their study group.
  • A person must not book more than 2 time slots in succession.
  • In addition to the name of the person booking the room also the name of a proxy must be entered.
  • The key card can be collected from the porter at the Main Building. A photo identity card (e.g. u:card) must be deposited. Please collect and return the key card in due time.
  • The breaks between the time slots serve as periods of ventilation (operating air conditioning). Even if you book two time slots in succession, please make a break and leave the room.
  • The person booking the room is responsible for the room.

All members of the study group have to follow these rules:

  • You assume personal responsibility and show considerate behaviour towards others:
  • You use the rooms according to their purpose:
    • The house rules as well as the COVID-19 hygiene rules and rules of conduct of the University of Vienna.
    • Disinfect work areas before and after using them.
    • Use the equipment available in the room carefully, leave the room in a clean condition and lock it.
    • Notify the porter of any damage immediately.
  • In case of emergency, follow the safety instructions in the room and notify the security personnel (T: +43-1-4277-777).
  • The University may limit or terminate the room booking service due to security reasons at any time.

By booking a room, you consent to these rules.

Picutre of an empty course room at the main building.

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You can currently book seminar rooms in the lecture hall centre in the Main Building (Universitätsring 1, 1010 Vienna).

You can access the lecture hall centre via the left side entrance (on the left-hand side of the main staircase on the Ringstrasse). The rooms are located in the Tiefparterre basement.

You can access the two corridors on which the seminar rooms are located, for example, via the second court (glass doors) or the corridor to lecture hall Hörsaal 1.

The available rooms and time slots can be found in the booking tool.

You can find the porter in the Aula at the main entrance of the Main Building (via the main stairs or the ramps from Ringstrasse street).

The rooms are accessible.

 Floor plan of the Tiefparterre basement with the seminar room centre

Bild des Plans des Tiefparterres mit markierten Seminarräumen. Eine barrierefreiere Version finden Sie auf der Website

Room nameRoom numberRoom information (log-in)
Seminarraum 1 (seminar room SR 1)TP.227eDetailed information about room SR1
Seminarraum 2 (seminar room SR 2)TP.227dDetailed information about room SR2
Seminarraum 3 (seminar room SR 3)TP.227cDetailed information about room SR3
Seminarraum 4 (seminar room SR 4)TP.227bDetailed information about room SR4
Seminarraum 5 (seminar room SR 5)TP.227aDetailed information about room SR5
Seminarraum 6 (seminar room SR 6)TP.227Detailed information about room SR6
Seminarraum 7 (seminar room SR 7)TP.202bDetailed information about room SR7
Seminarraum 8 (seminar room SR 8)TP.202aDetailed information about room SR8
Seminarraum 9 (seminar room SR 9)TP.39bDetailed information about room SR9