German language courses

The German courses at the University of Vienna are open to anyone interested who is at least 16 years old. In order to attend a language course at the Language Centre (Sprachenzentrum), you do not have to meet formal prerequisites (such as a secondary-school leaving certificate or university degree).

In order to be admitted to a German-language bachelor’s/diploma or master’s programme at the University of Vienna, you must provide evidence of your knowledge of German. To apply, you already need an evidence of German language proficiency at level A2. In order to achieve the C1 level required for admission to all bachelor’s/diploma and most master’s programme, you can attend a German course as part of the university preparation programme ('Vorstudienlehrgang', VWU). The Language Centre of the University of Vienna is one of the cooperation partners.

To register for the courses as part of the university preparation programme, you need an official notice of admission (‘Zulassungsbescheid’) from the University of Vienna (or from one of the academic universities in Vienna). You cannot attend a course if you do not have an official official notice of admission. You have to take the supplementary exams in German and other subjects before the actual admission to a degree programme.

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