Registration status in u:space

In u:space, in the section > Studies > Registration Overview you can view the status of your registrations.

For courses with non-continuous assessment (e.g. lectures) the following status values may appear:

  • Registered (Angemeldet): You have registered for the course.
  • Deregistered (Abgemeldet): You have successfully deregistered from the course.

For courses with continuous assessment (e.g. seminars, exercises) the following status values may appear:

  • Prerequisite currently not met (Voraussetzung noch nicht erfüllt): You have started but not completed your registration or you do not meet the course prerequisites yet. If you meet the requirements by the end of the registration deadline, you will automatically be considered for the allocation.
  • Allocation by registration deadline (Zuteilung nach Anmeldefrist):If you have registered for a course with a limited number of participants, you are in consideration for the course first. Once the places have been allocated (after the end of the registration deadline), it will be decided whether you gain a place on the course.
  • Registered (Angemeldet): You have gained a place on the course. In case you do not want to attend, you have to deregister in due time.
  • On waiting list (Auf Warteliste): You have not been assigned a place on the course. If other students deregister, you might be able to move up the list and get a free place. If you are on the waiting list, please attend the first unit of the course as there may be free places.
  • Alternative place available (Alternativplatz verfügbar): You have not gained a place on the course of your interest, but will be able to attend another group (parallel course). You can accept or reject it within a defined deadline.
  • In process (In Bearbeitung): The registration period has expired and the allocation of places or your record is being processed. This can take several hours. In the meanwhile, you cannot make any changes.
  • Closed (geschlossen): At the end of the semester, all registrations are closed, which enables you to register for the same or a similar course or exam without any problems in the following semester.
  • No place received (Keinen Platz erhalten): You have been on the waiting list of a course/exam and did not receive a place. You can no longer move up the list. You can register for an equal course/exam in the following semester.

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