Studying and exams – Things worth knowing about studying

Here, you can get up-to-date information about the semester and about the culture of studying and holding exams at the University of Vienna.

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Studying: on site, remotely, in hybrid form

University of Vienna - Overview

Studying and completing achievements (exams) at the University means that you have a lot of freedom on the one hand, but also a lot of responsibility, on the other. The biggest difference to student life at school, universities of applied sciences and some other universities is the organisation of studies, which is characterised by planning your schedule of classes relatively freely.

Freedom to study.

The courses and exams that you have to take (regardless of their form, i.e. on-site, digital or hybrid) are not specified entirely in a strict schedule. They are a combination of your degree programme’s curriculum and the range of courses offered in the current semester.

Teachers use various digital learning platforms. Here, the learning platform Moodle is a crucial tool. You can find an overview of the different tools on the service pages of the Vienna University Computer Center (ZID).

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Assistance in planning your schedule of classes

Information about modes of teaching and assessment

Getting an insight

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Who to ask about...?


  • the beginning of my studies?

    The Admission Office is the gateway to the University of Vienna. It is responsible for the admission to bachelor’s, diploma and master’s programmes. In addition, it is responsible for all other matters related to the admission to degree programmes, such as entrance exam procedures, the tuition/Students’ Union fees or the university entrance qualification examination. For further information, please visit If you have any questions, please use the following contact form.

    All information and contacts for a successful start to your studies can be found in the University of Vienna Welcome Guide.

    (Last updated: 21 September 2022)

  • the organisation of studies?

    The website of Teaching Affairs and Student Services provides a comprehensive overview of information and services relating to the organisation of studies: If you would like to contact us, please use the following contact form.

  • study-related matters?

    The best contact points for particular questions during your studies are the StudiesServiceUnit (SSS) or the StudiesServiceCenter (SSC) as well as the students’ representatives of your degree programme (e.g. for subject-related information about studies and the range of courses, the registration system, registration and de-registration deadlines, exams, recognition of exams and graduation). Contact details of StudiesServiceUnit (SSS)/StudiesServiceCenter (SSC)

  • a specific course?

    If you have any questions about a specific course or exam, please contact the relevant lecturer.

  • international matters?

    The International Office of the University of Vienna is available to answer any questions about international studies and working abroad. Please click the following link for the most frequently asked questions: International Office of the University of Vienna

  • psychological counselling for students?

    The psychological/psychotherapeutic counselling service for students is available via telephone, e-mail and by prior arrangement also via video call or video chat. For relevant information and contact details, please go to the following website: