Bachelor/diploma programmes with entrance exam procedure

The University of Vienna conducts entrance exam procedures for designated degree programmes. It also conducts an entrance exam procedure for admission to the bachelor programme in Teacher Education. You can submit your application for admission to these bachelor and diploma programmes once per academic year (in spring). 

One step in the entrance exam procedure is a written test. This test takes always place in summer. To be admitted to the degree programme, you have to successfully participate in the entrance exam procedure and fulfil all admission requirements. The entrance exam procedure for bachelor and diploma programmes is only valid for the winter and summer semester following the procedure. The successfully completed entrance exam procedure for the bachelor programme in Teacher Education it is valid indefinitely. 

Entrance exam procedures are conducted in the following bachelor/diploma programmes:


Other degree programmes with a special application period

Special application periods also apply for the following programmes at the University of Vienna:  

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End of application period for degree programmes with entrance exam procedures

The test dates of the written entrance exams are set.