Extension curricula and alternative extensions

Almost all bachelor’s programmes require students to complete extension curricula (EC) in addition to the regular compulsory and elective subjects. An EC is a predifined module group of up to 30 ECTS credits. The required number of ECTS credits is defined in the curriculum of your degree programme. 

In order to complete an EC, you must first register for the EC in u:space. You will be able to register for individual courses of the EC after having passed the STEOP. 

Nearly all degree programmes offer extension curricula. Unless otherwise specified, you may freely choose from the range of EC offered.

You can also complete alternative extensions (AE) of a number of 15 ECTS instead of an EC in most bachelor's degree programmes..

  • If you have questions about the content of an EC and the recognition of examination results from an EC, please get in touch with the studies service unit (SSS)/studies service center (SSC) responsible for the EC.
  • If you have questions about the recognition of an EC for your degree programme, please contact the SSS/SSC responsible for your degree programme.

Extension Curricula

QZB for English master programmes

With some ECs, you can fulfil the qualitative admission requirements (QZB) for certain master programmes.

English language master programmes with QZBs and the required ECs include:

Find further information about the admission to master programmes and about QZBs in the Master Access Guide.

Other extension curricula

For detailed information about all other extension curricula offered at the University of Vienna, please see the German version of this site. Information about the courses offered in the extension curricula can be found in u:find (see list below).