Admission to master programmes

Choose a degree programme to receive detailed information regarding the admission procedure. Your steps vary depending on

  • if you have completed your bachelor/diploma programme at the University of Vienna or another university, and
  • if there are any qualitative admission requirements (QZB) prescribed in the curriculum, and
  • if a selection procedure (AV for "Aufnahmeverfahren") is conducted for the master programme of your choice, and
  • if the language of instruction of the degree programme is English or German.

Guide to admission

Use the selection below. There you will find a step-by-step introduction on how to submit your application and complete the admission procedure.

All master programmes


German and multilingual master programmes


English master programmes

Master programmes with selection procedure

Master Access Guide

To be admitted to a master programme, you must have completed a bachelor/diploma programme in the same discipline (= eligible degree programme). In the Master Access Guide, you can find out with which previous degree programmes and under which conditions admission to a specific master programme is possible. If your previous degree programme is not listed in the Master Access Guide of the specific master programme, a decision whether admission is possible will be made on a case-by-case basis. The admission requirements according to university law and the applicable master curriculum are binding.

Visiting Master

Master students of other universities can get enrolled to an eligible degree programme at the University of Vienna for one semester as Visiting Master students.

Cooperation with the Central European University (CEU)

Students enrolled in a master programme at the University of Vienna or at the Central European University are eligible to complete single courses at the partner institution as part of the mutual exchange programme.