The admission procedure at the University of Vienna

Detailed information on the first-time admission to bachelor, diploma and master programmes as well as further information on the admission.

You can find information on the admission procedure to doctoral/PhD programmes directly via the website of the Center for Doctoral Studies.

About the admission

 Let's Talk: Ask questions in person

You have carefully read the info about the admission procedure on our website and have further questions? From April to June you can book an appointment at Let's Talk, the on-site information of the Admission Office. There you can ask your questions about the admission to bachelor/diploma and master programmes or the "Studienberechtigungsprüfung" (studying without secondary-school leaving certificate) in person. 

A student asks questions at Let's Talk.

 Contact and phone hours

Please use our contact form. It allows you to be more flexible and to have your request documented in written form.

For reasons of data protection, we cannot provide any information related to personal data on the phone.

You can reach us via telephone by calling +43/1/4277-10600 at the following times:

  • Monday and Thursday: from 12:30 p.m. to 01:30 p.m.

Please take note of the working hours of the Admission Office for the timely submission of applications to the Admission Office that are not submitted via u:space. You can find a summary of the working hours in this proclamation (in German only).

 Appointment online first-time admission

“Drawing a number and waiting in line” is old news. Comfortably complete your first-time admission at home via video chat. Here you can find detailed info regarding booking your appointment for online first-time admission.



ÖH baut Angebote zu mentaler Gesundheit aus

ÖH Helpline bietet Zugang zu kostenloser psychologischer Beratung und leistbarer Psychotherapie


Application and registration period ends soon!

On 5 June the application and registration period for bachelor and diploma programmes with entrance exam procedure will end.


Scholarships for law students

From May to the beginning of June, various scholarships are available for law students.


Scholarships for special support for students with disabilities

Open from May 6 to June 3, 2024 for students with a disability pass (at least 50%).


Liese Prokop Stipendium für asylberechtigte Studierende ausgeschrieben

Bis zum 30.6.2024 können sich asylberechtigte Studierende beim Österreichischen Integrationsfond bewerben.


Let's Talk

Do you have any questions about the admission? Then you can now ask your questions in person at the on-site Let’s Talk information.



Online info-presentation – Admission to master programmes

You are interested in a master programme without selection procedure? Attend our online info presentation on 26 June 2024!


Online info-presentation – Admission to bachelor programmes (non-EU/EEA)

You are interested in a bachelor/diploma programme at the University of Vienna? Attend our online info-presentation on 12 June 2024!

08.04.2024 10:00

On-site information: Let's Talk

Starting April you will have the opportunity to ask your questions regarding the admission in person. Book an appointment now.