Closing a degree programme/Withdrawing from the University of Vienna

You can end your studies in the following ways: 

  • successfully completing your degree programme and graduating
  • closing one or multiple degree programme(s) (formerly called "exmatriculation")

How can I close degree programmes?

Closing degree programmes is possible all year round.This is how you proceed:

  1. Deregister from all courses and examinations. This is possible via u:space during the deregistration period. Afterwards, please contact the lecturers directly. Closing your studies does not qualify as an important reason for the cancellation of an examination (info only available in German).
  2. In case, return books to the University Library or institute libraries. You can only withdraw (= close all degree programmes at the University of Vienna) if you have not borrowed any books.
  3. If you close a bachelor-/diploma or master programme, please message us via the Servicedesk and specify which degree programme you want to close. If you want to close a doctoral/PhD programme, please contact
  4. After a few days, we will inform you about the processing of your application. Check the changed status of your degree programme in u:space at Studies > Study overview. You can download your confirmation of withdrawal at Personal matters > My documents. 

What do I need a confirmation of withdrawal for?

  • It is a proof that you are no longer admitted to the respective degree programme at the University of Vienna. 
  • Different authorities in Austria and abroad may demand a confirmation of withdrawal. 
  • If you want to be admitted to the same degree programme at another Austrian university you have to present your confirmation of withdrawal there. 

A confirmation of withdrawal is also available if you close only one of multiple degree programmes. 

You do not receive a confirmation of withdrawal if you successfully complete a degree programme at the University of Vienna or complete all supplementary examinations at the University Preparation Programme of the Vienna Universities. 

When will my degree programme be closed automatically?

The admission to the degree programme expires and your degree programme is closed if: 

  • You have successfully completed your degree programme. An admission for the final administrative steps carried out by the StudiesServicecenter (SSC) is not required. The admission ends with the date of the last examination. 
  • You do not pay the tuition fee/Students' Union fee. You can also not pay on purpose and thereby discontinue your studies and withdraw from the university.
  • If you have paid at another Austrian university/college of teacher education ("Pädagogische Hochschule") and do not re-enroll your studies at the University of Vienna.
  • If you do not achieve the minimum number of credits. This applies for admissions starting from winter semester 2022/23.

You can see that your degree programme has been closed in u:space at Studies > Study overview. 

Can I resume my degree programme later?

The resumption of studies is possible within the corresponding period, provided you fulfil all requirements for the degree programme. By resuming your studies you are transferred to the current curriculum. Therefore, it may be possible that not all examinations you have already completed are recognised. 



  • What do I have to keep in mind regarding pending examination results?

    If you want to take further exams or receive examination results, wait until all examination results have been entered by the StudiesServiceCenter of your degree programme and appear in u:space. After a degree programme has been closed, it is neither possible to take exams nor to enter these examination results.

  • When can I close my degree proramme(s)?

    You can close your degree programme(s) year-round via our Servicdesk.