Students with impairments, disabilities or illnesses

This website provides comprehensive information about accessible studying for students with impairments, disabilities and/or illnesses. The Accessible Studying Team uses the term "students with impairments" as a short form. This term includes all persons belonging to the target group.

Do not hesitate to ask if you are not sure whether you belong to the target group!

 Target group

Persons who experience disadvantages during their studies due to e.g.

  • disabilities,
  • physical and/or motor impairments,
  • sensory impairments,
  • mental impairments,
  • chronic illnesses,
  • autistic perception,
  • dyslexia,
  • acute illnesses, injuries, consequences of an accident
  • or similar conditions.

Who does not belong to the target group?

Persons who experience difficulties that have no medically verifiable cause, such as

  • language barriers (e.g. language of instruction is not the first language) or
  • (general) organisational difficulties, fatigue or similar issue.

How many students are affected?

About 14 % of students at the University of Vienna indicate that they experience disadvantages during their studies (Student Social Survey 2015 of the IHS). This corresponds to about 14,000 persons at the University of Vienna.

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