How do I organise my studies?

This page provides an overview of the most important information regarding the organisation of your studies.

My finances

Financing your studies

In addition to the tuition fee/Students' Union fee, you will have to cover other costs as well: You need to consider your living expenses (accommodation, food, mobility, etc.) and study-related expenses (books, writing material, etc.), and plan accordingly.

My rights and obligations

Study law

You have rights and obligations that govern your studies from admission until graduation. If you have any questions regarding study law, you can contact the following offices:

  • The directorate of studies responsible for your degree programme should be your first point of contact if you have any questions regarding legal issues and organisational tasks during your studies.
  • Lecturers and examiners are the primary contact persons for the implementation of deviating examination methods for students with disabilities. The SPL makes any fundamental decisions in this regard. The Accessible Studying Team ('Team Barrierefrei') offers (also anonymous) advice on this.
  • The Office of the Studienpräses provides support if you encounter problems during your studies that neither your lecturer nor the directorate of studies can solve.
  • If you have questions about admission and tuition fee, please get in touch with the Admission Office.
  • In individual cases, the Ombuds office for students ('Ombudsstelle für Studierende) of the Federal Ministry can help find a solution together with the bodies and members of the educational institution concerned.

A degree programme is based on regulations and laws. In the following section you find the most important regulations:

Good Scientific Practice

Please follow the Guidelines for Good Scientific Practice from the beginning of your studies until the graduation. You find useful information here: (in German)

Other regulations:

My vote counts

Student participation

The Austrian National Union of Students represents all students studying at Austrian universities on both the federal level, and the level of university and studies.

The Unit for Quality Assurance carries out course evaluations and graduate surveys to improve teaching at the University of Vienna. Students are welcome to voice their opinions.

My vision

Student mobility

The International Office helps you plan and realise stays abroad during your studies in the framework of mobility programmes.

My diversity


Diversity enriches our community life by opening up different ways of understanding, thinking and acting. The perception, recognition and utilisation of diversity are therefore key fundamental values of the University of Vienna.

My efforts

Study-life balance

Not only your studies but also obligations beyond university life are posing challenges. There are many aspects that you need to reconcile with your studies, e.g.

Studies and...