Studying a non-degree programme at the University of Vienna

You can be admitted to non-degree programmes for different reasons. In a non-degree programme 

  • ... you are not admitted to a specific degree programme. 
  • ... you can download your student record sheet and confirmation of enrolment in u:space, as soon as your tuition fee/Students' Union fee is received by the University of Vienna. 
  • ... a transcript of records will be issued for any exams you take. It is available in u:space > Personal matters > My documents. 
  • ... you have to take note of several consequences. 

Choose the reasons, why you want to be admitted to a non-degree programme. You will find info on the admission procedure and possible consequences you have to keep in mind as a non-degree student. 

Reasons for non-degree programmes


Receiving the Austrian secondary-school leaving certificate late (only available in German).

Taking "Bildungskarenz" in Austria. 

"Studienberechtigungsprüfung" (only available in German).

Making up for exams for admission to master programmes

Other reasons for a non-degree programme

  • Nostrification: Detailed info on the requirements for and procedure of the nostrification is available on the website of the Büro Studienpräses. You will be admitted to a non-degree programme for the purpose of establishing equivalency. 
  • Continuing education: On the website of the Postgraduate Center you will find information on the requirements for admission to continuing education courses, certification courses and a lot more. 
  • Exchange and mobility programmes: Detailed info on mobility programmes of the University of Vienna is available on the website of the International Office