Change of degree programme

You are currently studying at the University of Vienna and would like to change your degree programme? Your steps in the admission procedure and the application period depend on the type of degree programme.

General information regarding the change of a degree programme

  • Number of changes of degree programme: You can change your degree programme as often as you want to, according to the University of Vienna. However, a change of degree programme might impact your family allowance and/or study grant. Please contact the responsible authority (local Tax Office or Austrian Study Grant Authority) if you have any questions in this regard. Clarify the consequences on a potential residence permit with the Immigration Office (MA 35) or the responsible district commission ("Bezirkshauptmannschaft").
  • Minimum academic achievement: Since winter semester 2022/23 onwards you have to achieve at least 16 ECTS for each bachelor/diploma programme you are admitted to. If this is not the case, the degree programme will be closed.
  • Transferring to the University of Vienna from another university: The information regarding the change of degree programmes applies to students admitted at the University of Vienna. Students who wish to transfer to the University of Vienna have to complete the admission procedure. The entry into a higher semester is not possible. After completing the admission procedure you can apply for potential recognition of your previous examinations at the StudiesServiceCenter or StudiesServiceUnit responsible for your degree programme. Thereby you might shorten the duration of your degree programme.