ECTS credits

The "European Credit Transfer System (ECTS)" contributes to the mobility between degree programmes, universities and countries, as ECTS credits facilitate a comparison of academic achievements.

ECTS credits describe the average workload required to achieve the objectives of a course, module or degree programme. One ECTS credit corresponds to an average workload of 25 full hours. Course participation as well as the preparation and follow-up of a course, the duration of the exam and studying time are considered as part of the workload.

In u:find you can see how many ECTS credits you have to obtain to successfully complete a course.

Example: Max attends a seminar comprising 4 ECTS credits (= 100 hours). The seminar takes place ten times and takes 1.5 hours each time (= 15 hours). He has to prepare a presentation and a summary (which takes him 30 hours), a seminar paper (30 hours) and he has to read texts for every second session (5 hours each). Over the course of the semester, he will be working 100 hours for the seminar.

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