Positive assessment

Your grade will be entered within four weeks after the exam/the completion of a course or final partial achievement. You can check your grade in the record of examinations in u:space as well as in your transcript of records.

You can re-sit a passed exam once within twelve months (provided that you have not yet completed your degree programme/stage of the degree programme/module). With your new attempt, the previous examination result becomes void and the new grade is entered, even if the second grade is lower than the first.

If no courses with continuous assessment are offered in the semester following your first attempt, you can only re-sit the exam in the semester after next at the latest, but not after you have completed the corresponding module, stage of the degree programme or degree programme.

You should announce that you would like to re-sit the exam within 6 months. If you do not use this opportunity, you will not be able to repeat the exam at a later point.

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