You can view all grades that you receive during your studies in u:space.

Your transcript of records includes all positive and negative grades. It serves as an official proof of your academic progress for external authorities.

Your record of examinations includes all exams passed and their allocation to the respective curriculum item of your degree programme. You can change their allocation yourself in u:space. Each exam can only be used for one curriculum item. The record of examinations serves as the basis for submitting your completed degree or stage of the degree programme.

After completing your degree programme or stage of the degree programme, you will receive your degree certificate/diploma. After graduation, you will additionally be awarded the academic degree.

You also receive your diploma supplement. The aim of the bilingual diploma supplement (in German/English) is to enhance the transparency and recognition of higher education degrees. Your diploma supplement contains information about the type and level of your degree, the degree programme you completed (requirements, course of studies, grading scale) as well as as standardised information about the higher education system.

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