Admission period

In the legal context, the admission period is referred to as the "registration period for the continuation of studies".

It differs from the application deadline, which begins earlier. Within the application period, you apply for admission to a degree programme (for example). Within the admission period, you complete the admission procedure or pay the tuition fee/Students' Union fee.

Maxym finished school in Russia, can only speak German at level A2 and wants to study History. He takes care to have all required documents long before the application deadline. The authorities always take longer and his documents have to be notarised and translated. In June, as soon as the application period begins, he applies for admission. The sooner the better, because he has read that it takes time to process his application and then issue his residence permit for Austria. As he still has to do a German course, he finds out about the University Preparation Programme of the Vienna Universities (VWU) early on. The VWU has its own registration deadlines. Maxym waits for the admission letter and registers for the German course within the registration deadline of the VWU. Than he books an online appointment for the first-time admission within the admission period. He completes the admission procedure and starts the German course.

Sophie has the Austrian Matura. In June, at the beginning of the application period, she applies for admission to the bachelor programme in History. She waits until the admission period begins in July and books an appointment for online first-time admission a few days beforehand. This allows her to put together her timetable in August/September, register for the courses, avoid stress shortly before the start of the semester and get off to a good start to her studies.

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