Supplementary examinations (in the admission letter of master programmes)

After you have submitted an application for admission to the degree programme, it will be checked whether

  • you have completed at least three years of post-secondary study and
  • this degree programme is eligible to the master programme you intend to study (= same discipline).


If you do not have a maximum of 30 ECTS credits for the subject equivalence, supplementary examinations will be prescribed in the admission letter. These "subject-specific" supplementary examinations can comprise several courses and must be taken additionally. They are best taken at the beginning of the master degree programme.


Laura has completed her bachelor degree in Astronomy and would now like to study for the master programme in Meteorology. She has received a letter of admission in which the following supplementary examinations are prescribed:VU Dynamik I (6 ECTS), VO Dynamik II (4 ECTS) and VU Klimasystem der Erde (8 ECTS) totalling 18 ECTS. She can be admitted to the master degree programme in Meteorology, but after admission she must successfully complete the courses "VU Dynamik I", "VO Dynamik II" and "VU Klimasystem der Erde" by the end of the second semester in addition to the coursework prescribed in the degree programme.

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