Detailed Information

The University of Vienna no longer accepts ÖSD certificates from students that are already registered in the university preparation programme. Due to changes in law concerning foreigners and admission requirements, only the supplementary examination German (EPD), which has to be passed directly at the VWU, can be accepted once you are participating in the VWU. With this step the University of Vienna prevents problems occurring during extension of your residence permit and implements a decision of the higher administrative court.

Information about the admission procedure


A student participated as a non-degree student in the Preparation Course of the Vienna Universities for four semesters. She did not pass the supplementary examination German (EPD) in the VWU but presented a B2 certificate from a language institute at the Admission Office.

The public authority responsible for the extension of residence permits, prompted the student to present academic success during her time in the VWU. The B2 certificate acquired externally was not accepted by the authority and the residence permit was not extended.

The student lodged a complaint at the regional administrative court. The regional administrative court as well as the higher administrative court as authority of last resorts have asserted that

  • academic success at the VWU can only be provided by passing an examination at the VWU and
  • the B2 certificate does not meet the requirements of the preparation programme and the supplementary examination German (EPD).

A recognition of the B2 certificate cannot be conducted due to reasons in form and content.

The decision of the higher administrative court can be read here: VwGH Ra 2017/22/0052;