Master programme in Research in Economics and Finance

Your steps in the admission procedure depend on whether you have completed your previous degree programme at the University of Vienna or another post-secondary educational institution. 

In the study profile of the master programme in Research in Economics and Finance you can find out which previous degree programmes are eligible. 

 Degree programme with selection procedure

A selection procedure is conducted for admission to this master programme.

  • You can only submit your application for admission to the degree programme once per year, within the application period.  
  • The admission letter is only valid for the winter semester you have applied for and the following summer semester. 
  • 40 study places are available per academic year. The allocation of available study places ensues during the selection procedure. 

Application period academic year 2024/25: from 4 March to 8 April 2024

 Degree programme instructed in English

The language of instruction in this degree programme is English. A proof of German language proficiency is not required.

Additional requirements

English language proficiency at level B2

To be admitted to an English or multilingual master programme at the University of Vienna, you have to provide a proof of English language proficiency. 

To apply for admission to this degree programme, you require a proof of English language proficiency at level B2

English curriculum vitae (CV)

Upload your English curriculum vitae in u:space at "Further documents and proofs" as document type "CV".

English letter of motivation

Upload your letter of motivation in u:space at "Further documents and proofs" as document type "Letter of motivation".

The document must be written in English and should have a maximum of 1,000 words. 

Please answer the following questions and elaborate: 

  • Why do you want to participate in this programme?
  • Discuss an economic question you would like to study in your MA thesis.

If you have any questions regarding the letter of motivation, please contact

You can find detailed information regarding the structure, main topics and any potential info events of the degree programme on the Department of Economics' website.

GRE General Test®

The Graduate Record Examination (GRE) General Test is a standardised test consisting of multiple parts to measure the academic abilities of prospective students. Please list the University of Vienna as recipient of the GRE (code: 1054).