Confirmations for former students

In case you need a confirmation for an external authority after the end of your studies at the University of Vienna, you find a list of available confirmations here:

Confirmations of study periods

To receive such a confirmation you need to send an e-mail with the following information to  

  • first name and family name
  • date of birth
  • current postal address
  • scan of a valid personal ID (passport, driving licence etc.) 
  • scan of proof of change of names if applicable (marriage certificate, official document proving change of name)
  • matriculation number (if known)
  • degree programmes you studied and date of entry to university

The confirmation will be sent via e-mail. Processing takes several weeks.

Transcript of records

A transcript of records can be issued by the StudyServiceCenter responsible for the degree programme you studied.

Confirmation of academic degree

For the confirmation of obtaining the academic degree, please contact the respective StudyServiceCenter.

In case you earned your degree before 1996/1997 please send an e-mail to mentioning the following details:

  • personal data (name, date of birth, postal address)
  • scan of a valid personal ID (passport, driving license etc.)
  • information about the degree programme (matriculation number, degree programme)
  • definition of confirmation needed (describe what you need exactly: student record sheet, diploma certificate, verification of degree programme, etc.)
  • your address