Cognition, Behavior and Neurobiology (Extension Curriculum)

The aim of the EC is to provide students outside the biology department with basic knowledge in the areas of cognitive, behavioral and neurobiology as well as physiology and evolution. Graduates receive an overview of the basics, concepts and research approaches of behavioral and cognitive biology. In order to promote the integration of the evolutionary perspective, graduates gain insights into the theory of evolution and its concepts. They also acquire basic knowledge of neuro-, sensory and muscle physiology. The focus is on the basal mechanisms that are similar across different animal groups. Special attention is paid to the functioning of the human brain, from the structure of the nervous system to learning, memory and emotions.

The EC is particularly aimed at students of psychology, human and veterinary medicine, cognitive sciences and other natural and social science disciplines.

Extension curriculum

Degree programme code: 303

15 ECTS credits

Language: German

Curriculum (in German)

About the extension curriculum

This EC can be chosen by all students who are not studying biology.

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