Regulation for pregnant students and nursing mothers

Pregnant women and students with care responsibilities have the right to take a leave of absence (§ 67 University Act, see

If you do not claim this right, please note that in order to protect you and your child the principles laid down in the Maternity Protection Act 1979 („MSchG“ BGBl. No. 221/1979, as amended) apply analogously. Major stress factors are listed in § 2a para. 2 MSchG.

In general, working at laboratories is not allowed. Also, hazards for expectant or nursing mothers and unborn children may occur during teaching activities – for example during field trips, practical trainings or within the studies of Sport Science. Students are obliged to discuss the specific risks with regard to their study and examination activities with their doctors. If a hazard potential exists, the participation in a course and/or examination is not permitted.

If you are already attending a course, please inform your course instructor or examiner. Depending on the situation, it will be decided whether your partial achievements are sufficient for a positive assessment or not. In some cases, substitute performances are determined, or no assessment is made because the course is discontinued for an important reason.

For remaining questions on the organisation of your studies (i.e. succession of courses and exams) you can contact your SSC or your directorate of studies. The University of Vienna is eager to ensure the reconciliation of your situation and your studies as far as possible. Delays in the academic progress which might incur due to the above-mentioned regulations must not be attributed to the University of Vienna.

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