Waiting list and allocation of remaining places (courses)

After the end of a registration deadline, you can check whether or not you gained a place on a lecture/an exam in u:space under Studies > Registration Overview. Furthermore, you receive an e-mail to your u:account e-mail address.

If you did not gain a place, you may be listed on the waiting list or be offered an alternative parallel course.

If students deregister from a course/exam and a waiting list exists, you can move up the waiting list. If you are on the waiting list, please attend the first unit of the course as there may be free places.

In case of long waiting lists, the directorate of studies (SPL) will probably offer additional parallel courses, for which you may register. In this case, you will be able to change the number of points you allocated before a second allocation may start.

If you gained an alternative place (remaining place) in a parallel course for which remaining places are available, you have to confirm or reject your place within the deadline defined by the directorate of studies (SPL). If you reject the place, you will be automatically deregistered from the course. The allocated points can not be transferred to the next semester. If you neither confirm nor reject the place, you remain on the waiting list.

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