Point allocation system

Every directorate of studies (in German: Studienprogrammleitung, SPL) determines how places for courses with a limited number of participants and exams are distributed in its degree programmes.

With the point allocation system, you receive a certain number of points (= points account) every semester which you can use for the registration. You will have a points account for the registration for courses and another one for the registration for exams.

If you register for courses offered by different directorates of studies, you will have several points accounts. The points can be used for courses with a limited number of participants.

The more points you allocate to a course, the more likely it is that you are accepted.

The points account is created when you register for a course for the first time. If you cannot find any points in u:space, register for the course and you will see that a new points account has been created for the current semester.

The allocation of points can still be changed within the registration deadline. You cannot save points for the following semester, which means that you will lose points that you have not used.

The directorate of studies can add additional regulations to the point allocation system:
Bonus points: If certain criteria apply (e.g. academic progress or number of ECTS credits obtained in the previous semester), students automatically receive additional points. 
Points of the previous semester: If you are on the waiting list of a course, you will automatically be credited the allocated points for the same course in the following semester and these will be added to your newly allocated points. You can view these extra points in the section “points of previous semester”. This only applies to allocated points. Any points that you did not allocate are lost.

After the end of the registration period and the subsequent allocation of places, you will receive an e-mail to your u:account e-mail-address informing you about the status of your registration.

For further information on the registration procedure, please contact the StudiesServiceUnit (SSS) or StudiesServiceCenter of your degree programme.

Example: Max would like to attend a course with 25 available places. A total number of 30 students register for this course. Max allocates 200 points to this course. As 27 other students allocated between 210 and 500 points, he does not get a place. 70 students register for another course with 50 available places. Max allocates 100 points and gets a place, because several students allocated fewer points than he did.

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