Master programme in Cognition, Behavior and Neurobiology (CoBeNe Master)

Your steps in the admission procedure depend on whether you have completed your previous degree programme at the University of Vienna or another post-secondary educational institution. In the Master Access Guide you can find out with which previous study programmes you may fulfil the prerequisites for admission to this master programme. 

 Degree programme instructed in English

The language of instruction in this degree programme is English. A proof of German language proficiency is not required.

Additional requirements

English language proficiency at level B2

To be admitted to an English or multilingual master programme at the University of Vienna, you have to provide a proof of English language proficiency. 

To apply for admission to this degree programme, you require a proof of English language proficiency at level B2

Qualitative admission requirements

Admission to a master programme is only possible if you have completed a closely related previous degree programme. In this master programme you must fulfill qualitative admission requirements at the time of application. These stringent requirements determine the knowledge and competences you must fulfill ahead of your application. Qualitative admission requirements may not be postponed to be fulfilled during the degree programme you are applying for (contrary to supplementary examinations).

Description of qualifications

To be admitted to the master programme in Cognition, Behavior and Neurobiology (CoBeNe Master), you need previous knowledge relevant to the field. You may prove the required knowledge by completing extension curricula in "Cognition, Behavior and Neurobiology", "Ecology" and "Evolutionary Anthropology". If you have completed the required ECs, upload your transcript of records at "Further documents and proofs" as document type "Description of qualifications" when applying for admission in u:space.

If you can not prove your previous knowledge by completing ECs, you have to provide a description of qualifications (form). This is a depiction of achievements that correspond to the required ECs, which you obtained before your application for admission. Save the form, fill it in and attach it when applying for admission in u:space at "Further documents and proofs" as document type "Description of qualifications".

Fill in the description of qualifications as follows: 

  1. Enter the title of the achievement 
    e.g. VO Diversitäts- und Genderforschung in der Psychologie (LV-Nr. 200012 , SoSe 2022)
  2. Enter the date, when you completed the achievement.
  3. Enter the ECTS, that you achieved thereby
    e.g. 3 ECTS. 
  4. State at which educational institution you completed the achievement
    e.g. University of Vienna
  5. Describe which qualifications you achieved thereby. Include which course from the ECs the achievement corresponds to
    e.g. corresponds "EC EA PM 2: Humanbiologie und Genderforschung" from the EC Evolutionary Anthropology (knowledge from the field of Evolutionary Anthropology, more specifically in Human Biology and Gender Studies according to the curriculum)

You can find detailed information on the required previous knowledge in the curriculum and the Master Access Guide.

Application and admission procedure

Degree from the University of Vienna

This information is only available in German.