Interdisciplinary Ethics (Master)

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The master’s programme „Interdisciplinary Ethics” aims at imparting basic experise and methodical knowledge and competences of ethics as a scienctific and normative disciplin. In doing so, scientific skills will be reinforced by including ethical issues in the scientific discussion and conducting independent research within the broad field of ethical questions. The interdisciplinary orientation allows the integration of topics far beyond philosphy, such as theological ethics, legal ethics and other relevant theories in direct relation to ethics.



Master of Arts

Degree Programme Code: 066 641

4 semesters / 120 ECTS credits

Language: German

NO entrance examination



Instruction Language German

Please note that the instruction language of this programme is German. To start the degree programme, you need to hold a certificate of German proficiency on C1 level.

Study Programme

The master’s programme consists of the following modules: Basic Module; Group of elective modules: Areas of Ethics (Politics and Law; Life and Health; Media and Technology; Religions and Cultures; Economy and Ecology); Individual Electives; Graduation Phase (seminar, master’s thesis, master’s examination).

Five Concepts

which you will deal with during your studies:

  • Ethics committee
  • Public welfare
  • Religions and cultures
  • Theories of justice
  • Robot ethics

... and many more.


 Overview of the programme structure & topics

Here you find the current offer of courses for this programme to gain better insight into the topics and structure. For more information please click on the respective level.

After Graduation

The master’s programme „Interdisciplinary Ethics” serves to provide an education that enables students to reflect on ethical problems and conflicts in a variety of areas of professional life (healthcare sector, politics, economics, etc.). Furthermore, it qualifies students to teach ethics at lower and upper secondary schools.

Graduates' Perspective on the Degree Programme

Graduates ...

  • say that this degree programme receives the grade: 2.5 (good)
  • rate the level of difficulty as: 3.3 (appropriate)

→ These results are based on feedback from 37 graduates.

*You can find further assessments of the degree programme from its graduates’ perspective in the graduate survey of the master's programme in Ethics for Teachers and Professionals (in German).