Negative assessment


In the event of a negative grade, you will be able to re-sit an exam three times, which means that you can take an exam four times in total. The fourth attempt takes place orally before an examination committee. Please register to an examination in front of an examination committee at the StudiesServiceCenter (SSC)/StudiesServiceUnit (SSS).

If the fourth examination attempt was not successful, you will be permanently blocked from this degree programme and any other degree programmes at the University of Vienna, for which the same examination result is required. Admission to these degree programmes is not possible any more.

Course with continuous assessment

In the event of a negative grade, you will have to repeat the entire course with continuous assessment. You can repeat a course offered by a different course instructor if it serves the same purpose with regard to your curriculum.

The course can be repeated three times (four attempts in total). If the fourth attempt was not successful, you will be deregistered from this degree programme at the University of Vienna (and any other degree programmes for which this course is required). A resumption of the study programme is not possible.

Appeal against a negative assessment

You can appeal against a negative grade if there were serious irregularities in the conduct of the exam (e.g. reduced time, noise, disturbance, change in mode of assessment that was not announced). You cannot appeal against the content-related assessment as this is at the examiner's discretion.

In the event of serious irregularities at the time of the exam, you can apply for a deletion of your grade/attempt in the Office of the Studienpräses within 14 days after grading. The plausibility of the serious irregularities has to be demonstrated. A proof is not necessary. You will receive an official notice, notifying you whether or not your application was successful.

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