Course with continuous assessment (pi LV)

Courses with continuous assessment require a registration.

In courses with continuous assessment (e.g. seminars, exercises), you have to complete oral and/or written partial achievements. Your final grade is calculated on the basis of these partial achievements. Information about the partial achievements that will be assessed is provided on u:find and during the respective course.

Each directorate of studies (in German: Studienprogrammleitung, SPL) determines how places for courses with a limited number of participants and exams are distributed in its degree programmes. The allocation of places will take place either according to the point allocation system, the preference system or the recommended path of study.

The status of your registration in u:space informs you whether you are “Registered” (Angemeldet), "On waiting list" (Auf Warteliste) or if there is an "Alternative place available" (Alternativplatz verfügbar). If an Alternative place is available, you can accept or reject it within a defined deadline.

If you are registered for a course with continuous assessment and are absent from the first unit without having a good reason, you will be deregistered. Students on the waiting list will be accepted if course places become available. In case you are on the waiting list, please attend the first unit of the course, as there may be free places.

Examples: Marion attends a seminar (SE) in History. Her presentation, seminar paper and contributions to the discussion of her colleagues’ presentations will be assessed.
Max attends an exercise (UE) in Biology. During the exercise, he has to carry out various tasks and laboratory experiments and present his results in short abstracts.

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