Online first-time admission for summer semester 2023

The first-time admission to bachelor, diploma and master programmes at the University of Vienna is currently only possible online by prior appointment. The admission is carried out via video chat with the Admission Office. 

Read the information about the admission procedure carefully before booking an appointment! By the time of your appointment, you must have completed the steps of the admission procedure.

What is possible by online appointment?

What is not possible by online appointment?

Please use our other contact options.

 Prerequisites for your online appointment

  • You have already applied for admission in u:space.
  • Bachelor/diploma programmes without entrance exam procedure:
    • secondary-school leaving certificate from an EU/EEA country or Switzerland: The appointment can take place right after submitting the application in u:space.
    • secondary-school leaving certificate from a non-EU/EEA country: Only book an appointment, after you have received your admission letter.
  • Bachelor/diploma programmes with entrance exam procedure:
    • You have successfully participated in the entrance exam procedure in summer 2022: You can complete the admission procedure with an online appointment from 9 January onward. 
    • You have not or not successfully participated in the entrance exam procedure: An admission to this degree programme is not possible in the academic year 2022/23.
  • Master programmes: Only book an appointment, after you have received your admission letter.

How do you complete the admission procedure?

First, read all info on the booking and process of the appointment for online first-time admission carefully. Thereby, you are able to prepare well for your appointment. At the bottom of the page you can then find the link to our appointment-booking tool. 

Step 1: Book an appointment for online first-time admission

We strongly recommend: Book an appointment as early as possible after the beginning of the admission period. It is in your own best interest to do so. Please only book one appointment if you want to be admitted to multiple degree programmes of the same type of degree programme (e.g. two bachelor programmes).

This is how you use our appointment-booking tool

  1. Choose type of degree programme and service.
    • Bachelor/diploma programmes: choose the correct service, depending on the issuing country of your secondary-school leaving certificate
    • Master programmes: choose the correct service, depending on your citizenship
  2. Choose an appointment in the calendar. Due to organisational reasons, appointments can only be booked 7 days in advance. Further appointments until the end of the admission period are continuously added. 
  3. Enter the required contact details.
  4. Choose "Yes" at "Appointment via Microsoft Teams". Accept the Terms of Service and the Data Protection Declaration and book an appointment.
  5. You will receive a booking confirmation to the e-mail address you provided. Do not delete the booking confirmation! You can only participate in or cancel the appointment with your individual link which you receive in this e-mail. 

Step 2: Prepare for your appointment for online first-time admission


I am using a laptop/PC
I am using a mobile device (Smartphone/tablet)

Please prepare all required documents and have them on hand as original or notarised copy

  • Your valid passport or personal ID card.
  • All documents you have uploaded in your application for admission in u:space.
  • If your secondary-school leaving certificate/higher education degree certificate is from a non-German speaking country, we will also check your proof of German language proficiency. Prepare this document, even if you haven't uploaded it in your application. The same applies to your proof of English language proficiency

Step 3: Participate in the appointment

  1. Ensure that you are in quiet environment. Your camera, microphone and internet connection have to be of high quality. 
  2. Open your booking confirmation and enter the online waiting room with your individual link. You can enter the waiting area no earlier than 15 minutes before your appointment. 
  3. By selecting "Check in" you confirm that you are ready for your appointment. Do not close your browser window under any circumstances! If you do so, you cancel your appointment and you have to book a new one. 
  4. Once it is your turn, will notify by displaying the option "Start appointment". Choose this option to open the access to Microsoft Teams. 
    1. You are using a laptop/PC? You will be asked, how you want to participate in the MS Teams meeting. Choose participating via the app or browser. 
    2. You are using a mobile device (smartphone/tablet)? The app opens automatically after selecting "Start appointment". 
  5. We will check your documents and preliminarily admit you to the degree programme. 

If the admission via MS Teams is not accessible for you, due to disabilities, impairments and/or chronic diseases (nicht barrierefrei) please inform us as soon as possible via the contact form. In coordination with Team Barrierefrei (Team for Accessible Studies) a suitable solution will be found for you.

Step 4: After the appointment

Following the appointment, we will send you an e-mail to the address you've provided in u:space. There you can find your student ID number and information regarding the tuition fee/Students' Union fee, planning your semester and study organisation. You can also order your student ID, the u:card

 Change or cancel your appointment

Do not let your appointment expire. If you are unable or do not want to keep your appointment, please cancel it via the link in your booking confirmation. You will receive a cancellation confirmation. This may take a few minutes. By cancelling your appointment, other prospective students have the opportunity to complete the admission procedure and preparing for the semester in a timely manner.



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