Minimum number of credits

You have to obtain at least 16 ECTS credits in every bachelor’s and diploma programme by the end of the fourth semester. This applies to all programmes to which you are admitted for the first time in the winter semester of 2022/2023 or later and to all programmes that you resume at this time. Otherwise, the admission to the degree programme expires. If you would like to apply for re-admission to the same degree programme at the University of Vienna, you can only do so after two academic years (= four semesters).

For comparison

If you study full-time, you are expected to obtain 120 ECTS credits within four semesters. The majority of successful students obtain 16 ECTS credits in their first semester by completing the introductory and orientation period (STEOP), for example.

FAQs about the minimum number of credits


Who has to obtain the minimum number of credits?
Until when do I have to obtain the minimum number of credits?
What happens if I do not obtain the minimum number of credits?