Closing a degree programme/Withdrawing from the University of Vienna

You can finish your studies in the following ways:

  • successful graduation
  • withdrawal from one or more degree programme(s) (formerly called "exmatriculation")


How can I close my degree programme(s)?

Closing a degree programme or withdrawing from the University of Vienna is possible all year round.

In case of a bachelor, diploma or master programme, send us a message via contact form and specify which degree programme(s) you would like to close.
In case of a doctoral programme send your e-mail to

Note: Withdrawing from the University of Vienna (=discontinuing all your degree programmes) is only possible if you have not borrowed any books from the University Library.

After a few days, you will be able to see that the degree programme(s) are closed in u:space under Studies > Study Overview. You will be able to print your confirmation of withdrawal under Personal Matters > My Documents.

Why do I need a confirmation of withdrawal?

  • Your confirmation of withdrawal states that you are no longer admitted at the University of Vienna.
  • Several authorities within Austria and abroad may demand a confirmation of withdrawal.
  • For the admission to the same degree programme at a different Austrian university, you will have to present your confirmation of withdrawal.

A confirmation of withdrawal is available for each degree programme that has been closed.

If you successfully complete a degree programme or the Preparation Programme of the Vienna Universities, you do not receive a confirmation of withdrawal.


When will my degree programme(s) be automatically closed?

  1. Once you have graduated, your admission will automatically expire on the last examination date. For the final administrative steps carried out by the StudiesServiceCenter (SSC), no admission is required.
  2. You automatically lose your admission if you do not pay the tuition fee/Students' Union fee. If you want to withdraw from the University of Vienna, you may deliberately fail to pay.
  3. If you have already paid the tuition fee/Students' Union fee at a different Austrian university and you did not re-enrol your studies at the University of Vienna, your degree programme will be automatically discontinued.
  4. In case you have not passed the STEOP or an examination of a higher semester on four occasions, your degree programme automatically expires.

You will see in u:space under Studies > Study Overview that your degree programme has been discontinued.


Can I continue my studies later?

A resumption of studies is usually possible within the corresponding admission period, provided that you fulfil all admission requirements. Upon resuming your studies, you will be submitted to the current curriculum. As a result, it might not be possible to have all your successfully passed exams recognised again.