Attending courses out of interest

You are interested in individual courses at the University of Vienna and want to further your education without completing a degree programme? Then a non-degree programme is the right choice. 

The information on this website applies to persons who are admitted at the University of Vienna for the first time. If you were admitted to a degree or non-degree programme at the University of Vienna in the past, please read the information on the resumption of studies. 

 Required documents

You need the following document as JPEG or PNG file:

  • your valid passport or personal ID card (front and back)


Winter semester 2024/25:

  • Application and admission period: from 11 July to 31 October 2024
  • Semester start: 1 October

Summer semester 2025:

  • Application and admission period: from 7 January to 31 March 2025
  • Semester start: 1 March

Schedule of the academic year

Consequences of a non-degree programme

  • Examination attempts in the non-degree programme also count for the degree programme. If all examination attempts are graded negatively in the non-degree programme, you are permanently excluded from the degree programme and cannot be admitted to this programme at the University of Vienna. 
  • You have to pay the tuition fee as well as the Students' Union fee, irrespective of your citizenship. 
  • You are not admitted to a specific degree programme, but to attending individual courses ("Besuch einzelner Lehrveranstaltungen"). 
  • The admission to a non-degree programme is possibile until the end of the admission period. However, the registration deadlines for courses end before the beginning of the semester in some cases. Therefore, it is possible that you miss these deadlines. 
  • Students admitted to a degree programme are favoured in the allocation of course places. If you have any questions regarding the registration for courses and examinations, please contact the StudiesServiceCenter or StudiesServiceUnit of the degree programme in which the courses are offered. 
  • It is not possible to take (partial) diploma examinations, module examinations or public defenses during a non-degree programme. Graduating is also not possible. 
  • There might be restrictions/limitations when it comes to health insurance, obtaining a semester pass of the Wiener Linien, residence permit and financial assistance. Please make an inquiry at the responsible authority about the consequences of your non-degree programme up front. 

Your steps in the admission procedure

Step 1: Registration in u:space

  1. Create your u:account in u:space withing the application period. Make sure to remember your login data. You will need your u:account during your studies. 
  2. Log into u:space to complete the registration. 
  3. At "non-degree programme" you will find a link for the Statistical Data Confirmation (UHStat1). Fill in the questionnaire and choose "Check and submit". Download the confirmation and save it as PDF file. 

 Registration in u:space

Step 2: Online first-time admission

  1. Book an appointment for online first-time admission
    The admission to a non-degree programme is completed online via video chat. Choose the service at bachelor/diploma or master programmes, that best relates to your situation. Important: enter "non-degree programme" in the field u:account/u:space User ID in the last step of the booking procedure. Only then we are able to correctly allocate your appointment. 
    Detailed information regarding booking an appointment
    As your identity needs to be verified for admission, you have to complete this step in person. Representation by third parties is not possible.
  2. You will be preliminarily admitted to a non-degree programme
    You will receive an e-mail with your student ID number and information on further steps. 
  3. Pay the tuition fee/Students' Union fee after the appointment
    Once the prescribed fee is received by the University of Vienna, the admission procedure is complete. You can download your study documents (student record sheet and confirmation of enrolment) in u:space > Personal matters > My documents.  

Step 3: Creating a semester schedule and ordering the u:card

As soon as your tuition fee has been received by the University of Vienna, you can order your student ID card, the u:card.

Register for the courses you want to attend. The responsible StudiesServiceCenter (SSC)/ StudiesServiceUnit (SSS) will gladly help you with any questions regarding registration for courses and examination. 



  • Can I attend courses, even if I do not have a secondary-school leaving certificate?

    Yes. You can be admitted to a non-degree programme to attend individual courses if you do not have a secondary-school leaving certificate. You do not have to fulfil any special admission requirements. 

  • How much does a non-degree programme cost?

    In a non-degree programme you have to pay the tuition fee as well as the Students' Union fee, irrespective of your citizenship. 

  • Which courses can I attend?

    Please inquire at the StudiesServiceCenter (SSC) or StudiesServiceUnit (SSS) of the degree programme that offers the courses you are interested in. Information on individual courses is available in u:find, the course and staff directory of the University of Vienna.