Economic Methods (Extension Curriculum)

The aim of this extension curriculum is to give students a deeper insight into the methods and areas of application of economics, building on the basic knowledge they have acquired in the extension curricula “Fundamentals of Economics” OR “Economy-Society-State”.

After completing the extension curriculum, students are familiar with a variety of business-relevant problems and with the basic procedure for analyzing or solving them. They have the ability to independently identify problems in business life and develop suitable solutions.

Extension curriculum

Degree programme code: 545

15 ECTS credits

Language: German and English

EC Principles of Economics


EC Economic Processes in Social and Political Context

Curriculum (in German)

About the extension curriculum

This EC can be chosen by students who

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Faculty of Business, Economics and Statistics

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Master Access Guide

The Master Access Guide provides information about which bachelor's degree program - in combination with which extension curriculum - allows entry into which master's degree program. Find out what options are available to you with the combination of your chosen bachelor's degree and extension curriculum.