Preference system

Every directorate of studies (in German: Studienprogrammleitung, SPL) determines for its degree programme how places for courses with a limited number of participants and exams are allocated in its degree programmes.

With the preference system, several courses are offered for the same curriculum items. Students rank their registrations for courses according to their personal preference (from top to bottom). The system intends to achieve the highest possible preference. The higher the preference, the more likely it is to get a place in the prefered option.

After the end of the registration deadline, the available places are allocated. On average, 98% of all students receive a suitable course place.

After the registration deadline you will receive an e-mail to your u:account e-mail-adress informing you about the outcome of the registration.

Example: According to his curriculum, Max has to complete an exercise. When registering for the exercise, different options (often called “groups”) appear. He ranks the courses according to his preferences.
Max gets a place on the course of his first preference. If the number of students who ranked this exercise as their first preference had exceeded the number of available places, Max would have got a place on the parallel course he ranked second.

For further information on the registration procedure of your directorate of studies, contact the StudiesServiceUnit (SSS)/StudiesServiceCenter (SSC) of your degree programme.

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