Online first-time admission for winter semester 2022/23

The first-time admission to bachelor, diploma and master programmes at the University of Vienna is currently only possible online by prior appointment. The admission is carried out via Skype.

Read the information about the admission procedure carefully before booking an appointment! By the time of your appointment, you must have completed the steps of the admission procedure.

What can you do by online appointment?

  • first-time admission to bachelor, diploma and master programmes of persons who have never studied at the University of Vienna before
  • first-time admission to a non-degree programme of persons who have never studied at the University of Vienna before
  • students whose secondary-school leaving certificate was issued late (Nachmatura) can change from a non-degree programme to a degree programme

What can't you do by online appointment?

Please use our other contact options.

How do you complete the admission procedure?

1. Book an appointment for online first-time admission

Book an appointment via our appointment scheduling tool soon. It's in your own interest to complete the admission procedure as early as possible after the beginning of the admission period.

You need a Skype-Account to book an online appointment. Information regarding the use and download of Skype and assistance is provided on the Skype website.

Please book only one appointment, even if you would like to be admitted to multiple degree programmes. Due to organisational reasons, only appointments for a predefined time frame are available. Further appointments will be continuously added until the end of the admission period. 

Requirements for online first-time admission:

  • You have already applied for admission in u:space.
  • Bachelor/diploma programmes without entrance exam procedure:
    • secondary-school leaving certificate from an EU/EEA country or Switzerland: The appointment can take place right after the application in u:space.
    • secondary-school leaving certificate from a non-EU/EEA country: Only book an appointment, after you have received your admission letter.
  • Bachelor/diploma programmes with entrance exam procedure:
    • The written entrance exam takes place: Only book an appointment after the test results have been announced.
    • The written entrance exam does not take place: You will be informed about further steps after the end of the application period. You can complete the admission procedure with an online appointment after 11 July 2022.
  • Master programmes: Only book an appointment, after you have received your admission letter.


Advantages of an early appointment: 

  • After the appointment for online-first time admission you'll receive your student ID number. Afterwards you only have to pay the tuition fee/Students' Union fee. As soon as the fee is "received" in u:space, you can download your student documents (student record sheet and confirmation of enrollment) in u:space > Personal matters > My documents. You will need these documents for authorities like insurance and tax office. 
  • You can order and validate your student ID, the u:card
  • You can focus on planning your semester early on and you do not miss any deadlines. The registration period for course in many degree programmes ends in September. You can only register for courses after the online first-time admission. 
  • Something might always get in the way. If you book your appointment early, you have enough time to reschedule if necessary. 
  • You can freely choose your appointment. Due to the high demand before the beginning of semester, appointments in September are fully booked quickly.


Cancelling an appointment

Do not simply let your appointment expire! Cancel your appointment via the link you received in the confirmation e-mail, if you are not able or do not want to keep it. Please message us via the contact form in due time, if you do not have the confirmation anymore. Thereby, other prospective students get the opportunity to complete the admission procedure and prepare for the semester in a timely manner.


Here you can go to our appointment scheduling tool

2. The online first-time admission via Skype

To enable finding and contacting you in Skype, please adjust the following settings:

  • Activate the setting "Appear in search results" (Profile picture > Settings > Contacts > Privacy > Appear in search results).
  • Deactivate the calling option "only allow Skype calls from contacts to ring this device".

Please have all required documents as original or notarised copy on hand:

  • Your passport or personal ID card
  • All documents you uploaded in your application for admission in u:space. For bachelor/diploma programmes please make sure that you uploaded all pages of your secondary-school leaving certificate as one PDF-file (otherwise the appointment has to be rescheduled).
  • If your secondary-school leaving certificate/universtiy degree certificate is from a non-German speaking country, we will also check your proof of German language proficiency. Prepare this document, even if you haven't uploaded it in your application.

The process of the online appointment:

  1. Make sure that you are available 10 minutes before the meeting starts and take approximately 30 minutes – we will call you via Skype. Please adjust your Skype settings, otherwise we will not be able to contact you. If you are unable to keep the appointment, you will have to book another one.
  2. Make sure that you are in a quiet environment without background noise.
  3. Your camera, microphone and internet must work properly.
  4. We will check your documents and then preliminarily admit you to your degree programme.

If the admission via Skype is not possible for you due to disabilities, impairments and/or chronical diseases (nicht barrierefrei), please inform us as soon as possible via our contact form. In coordination with the Team Barrierefrei (Team for Accessible Studies) a suitable solution will be found for you.

What happens next?

After the appointment, you will receive an e-mail to the e-mail address provided in u:space with your student ID number and other important information regarding tuition fee/Students' Union feesemester planning and the organisation of your studies



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