Geography (Bachelor)

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The bachelor’s programme in Geography aims at developing students’ perceptive, research and problem-solving skills, enabling them to deal with developments in the natural, cultural and social environment and their consequences. Students acquire basic and specialised knowledge, allowing them to explore academic questions relating to space and social challenges independently, based on academic theories and methods and from a range of different paradigmatic perspectives. As part of the bachelor’s programme, students specialise in one of the following four areas: physical geography, human geography, spatial research and spatial planning, or cartography and geoinformatics.

Bachelor of Science

Degree Programme Code: 033 655

6 semesters / 180 ECTS credits (including 30 ECTS credits of extension curricula)

Language: German

NO entrance examination


Facts & Figures

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Information about presentation & calculation

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Instruction Language German

Please note that the instruction language of this programme is German. To start the degree programme, you need to hold a certificate of German proficiency on C1 level.

Study programme

The bachelor’s programme in Geography consists of an Introductory and Orientation Period (STEOP), a core phase (Physical Geography, Human Geography and Spatial Planning, Cartography and Geoinformatics, Methods) and a specialisation phase (four subject areas to choose from: Physical Geography, Human Geography, Spatial Research and Spatial Planning, as well as Cartography and Geoinformatics). To successfully complete the programme, students have to write a bachelor’s thesis.

Five concepts

which you will deal with during your studies:

  • Spatial planning
  • Geoinformation
  • Cartography
  • Relief
  • Regional development

... and many more.

 Overview of the programme structure & topics

Here you find the current offer of courses for this programme to gain better insight into the topics and structure. For more information please click on the respective level.

After Graduation

The comprehensive integrative and interdisciplinary orientation of the bachelor’s programme provides graduates with specialist knowledge of cartography, geoinformation, spatial research and spatial planning, allowing them to pursue a career in a wide range of occupational fields.

Graduates' Perspective on the Degree Programme

Graduates ...

  • say that this degree programme receives the grade: 2.1 (good)
  • rate the level of difficulty as: 3.3 (appropriate)

→ These results are basd on feedback from 96 graduates.

*You can find further assessments of the degree programme from its graduates’ perspective in the graduate survey of the bachelor’s programme in Geography graduation survey (in German).

Graduates ...

  • find employment within 2 months after graduation on average.

*You can find further information on career entry and career paths in the tracking of graduates "BA Geography".