Introductory and orientation period (STEOP)

Almost all bachelor’s, teacher accreditation and diploma programmes require you to complete an introductory and orientation period (STEOP) during the first semester.

The aim of the STEOP is to give you an insight into your studies and enable you to assess

  • whether the course contents are in line with your personal expectations in the programme, and
  • if you can meet the requirements for the degree programme.

Only after passing all STEOP examinations, you can attend additional courses and take further examinations. All examination dates are scheduled in such a way that you can continue your studies in the subsequent semester, as soon as you have successfully completed the STEOP.

You can retake examinations three times. If the fourth examination attempt is not successful, your admission to the associated degree programme expires on the day of the examination. You cannot apply for re-admission to the same degree programme at the University of Vienna.

You can find information about your degree programme’s STEOP and the relevant dates in u:find. Alternatively, you can also contact your studies service center (SSC) or studies service unit (SSS).

What is STEOP-Mentoring?

STEOP-Mentoring aims to support you during your first semester at the University of Vienna! Small peer-goups led by student STEOP-mentors serve as a voluntary addition to the lectures of the introductory and orientation period (STEOP) and are there to help you in mastering its challenges.

You find further information (available in German) here.