Why study at the University of Vienna?

With about 89,000 students, 178 degree programmes as well as more than 40 university continuing education and training programmes, the University of Vienna is the largest and most diverse educational institution in Austria.


about 90,000

including non-Austrian students from 140 different nations that account for a third of the student body

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Degree programmes


including 100 master's programmes

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Continuing education and training programmes

about 60

to acquire interdisciplinary, vocational and complimentary qualifications

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Front view of the main building.

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650 years of experience

The University of Vienna celebrated its 650th anniversary in 2015. It is the oldest university in the German-speaking world and one of the oldest universities in Europe. Our 650 years of experience prepare us for the issues and challenges of the future.




Students sitting in the courtyard of the new Journalism and Communication Studies' building.

© Universität Wien / Barbara Mair

Our diverse community

Studying at the University of Vienna means being part of a large and diverse community. About 89,000 students are currently pursuing a degree at the University of Vienna. About a third of them are foreign students and come from 140 different countries.

A group of students looking at the screen of a laptop.

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We offer the widest range of degree programmes

From A as in astrophysics to Z as in zoology: Our students can select from the largest range of degree programmes in Austria. The University of Vienna offers 178 degree programmes, including more than 100 master’s programmes.




Grafic about Strategic priorities of the University of Vienna (in German).

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Strategic priorities of the University of Vienna

The University of Vienna sets future-oriented priorities in interdisciplinary and innovative research areas, such as data science. In a first step, 70 new professorship and tenure track positions have been created in 2019 to further improve study conditions through additional personnel.

Students sitting on the stairs of the main building.

© Universität Wien / Franz Pfluegl

We are international

We are participating in the ERASMUS/Socrates network and are partners of the best universities in the world. This opens up ample opportunities for exchange: About 1,000 students of the University of Vienna study at a university abroad for one ERASMUS semester and about 1,000 students choose the University of Vienna as their study abroad destination.

Lecture room in the building Währinger Straße 29 with professor and students.

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Our research and teaching are inextricably intertwined

The University of Vienna is also the largest research and educational institution in Austria with a total of 6,900 academics. Our teaching staff adheres to the principle of research-led teaching in their courses. They impart knowledge about latest research findings and their students are able to participate in original research.



Visually impaired employee reads a book with the aid of a computer.

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We value diversity

The University of Vienna is convinced that diversity enriches community life and collaboration. Diversity is encouraged by applying the principle of equal opportunities in all areas of university activity.

Students sitting in the Arkadenhof of the main building.

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We are right at the heart of the city of Vienna

With its more than 70 locations, the University of Vienna shapes Vienna's cityscape. For many years Austria's capital has been the world's most liveable city and has been ranked among the most popular student cities in the world.