Choosing the right programme

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A lot of questions arise for pupils after their final school exams:

  • How would I like to continue my education?
  • Do I want to study, and if so, what?
  • Would I prefer studying at a university or a university of applied sciences?
  • How do I choose the right degree programme?
  • Which decisionmaking aids do exist?

Here you can find our advice on how to choose the right degree programme!

Counselling facilities related to the choice of a degree programme

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Psychological Counseling Centers

The Psychological Counseling Centers (Psychologische Studienberatung) are service facilities where psychologists offer free and confidential help.

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Austrian National Union of Students Counselling for Secondary-School Graduates 

The Austrian National Union of Students (ÖH) provides comprehensive information for secondary-school graduates on the choice of their degree programme.

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Schulpsychologische Bildungsberatung

The Schulpsychologische Bildungsberatung (School Psychological Educational Counselling) offers advice regarding the question "What shall I do after graduation from school?".

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On this website of BMBWF you can discover all study opportunities offered in Austria.



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The programme 18plus offers extensive aid and support to secondary school graduates and provides them with material for their choice of degree programme and career.

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Studienplattform (Study Platform) is an important tool for your independent research and offers up-to-date information and useful links to all fields of degree Programmes in Austria.

On this website, which is provided by OeAD (Östereichischer Austauschdienst), you can find a lot of valuable information about studying in Austria.

Watch the film "Study in Austria"  to find out why Austria is the ideal place to study.

Facilities with a focus on general career choice counselling

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BerufsInfoZentrum of AMS

BerufsInfoZentrum (BIZ - Job Information Centre) is your first contact point for questions on professions, trainings and job opportunities.



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BiWi - Berufsinformationszentrum der Wiener Wirtschaft

"Get your own idea of your profession": With this slogan the Berufsinformationszentrum der Wiener Wirtschaft (BiWi - Vocational Information Centre of the Vienna Economic Chamber) provides orientation for your career and educational choice.



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Bildungsberatung in Wien

Bildungsberatung in Wien (Educational Counselling in Vienna) offers free and neutral educational and career counselling to Viennese residents.