Studying on site


We are looking forward to seeing you at the University on site again in the winter semester of 2022/2023.

Check list: Before the beginning of the semester

  • Particularly for new students: Get yourself the University of Vienna Welcome Guide as an e-book or order a printed copy free of charge via facultas.
  • Check on u:find, how courses/exams will be held (on site, digital or hybrid).
  • Register for all courses/exams on u:space. Following registration, you can access the learning materials on Moodle.

Recommendations for working and studying safely together:

  • Protect yourself from a severe course of the COVID-infection through a vaccination, especially by getting the booster vaccination.
  • FFP2 face masks provide good protection from infections! From 1.10.2022 an urgent recommendation to wear a mask shall apply in all university buildings and during courses and exams. Please take care of yourself and others: Wear a mask voluntarily in settings, in which you or others might feel uncomfortable.
  • Take care of yourself and your mental health. Do not hesitate to get help from the Psychological Counselling Services. This service is anonymous, low-threshold and free of charge.
  • Till 30.09.2022 masks are mandatory during courses and exams.

Students working together in the NIG.

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Check list for the day of a scheduled course/exam

  • Check your Webmail account as well as Moodle to see if there are any short-term changes regarding the relevant course/exam.
  • Do not forget to bring
    • your FFP2 face mask and disinfectant
    • laptop, charger and/or a powerbank for courses
    • if necessary a headset with a microphone, if you are at the University and participate in online courses and
    • u:card for exams

In case of a COVID-19 infection

  • Upon suspicion: Get tested for COVID and/or call 1450. Follow the instructions of the health authorities.
  • In case of infection:
    • Notify us of your infection via the Servicedesk.
    • Then please contact your teachers to find a solution for individual course units and exams for the duration of the infection or rather the movement restriction imposed by the authorities. You are entitled to a deviating (digital) mode of examination (§13i of the part of the Statutes of Study Law). We continue to support you in taking as many exams as possible. You should not experience a disadvantage if you stay at home to protect others.

Persons subject to a movement restriction imposed by the authorities, must adhere to the provisions of the Federal Government. (Current COVID-19 measures at a glance.)

Reporting an infection

Vienna University Library and study places

Vienna University Library (UB)

If you want to use the on-site services of the Vienna University Library, please get informed about the applicable security rules in advance.

Places for Studying on site

You can study at the following locations.

Picture of a working space with laptop.

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FAQs about access to the University (mandatory use of FFP2 face masks)


As a student, do I have to wear an FFP2 face mask in the university buildings?

FAQs about COVID-19 infections, tests and vaccinations


Can I come to the University of Vienna if I have been (PCR or antigen) tested positive for coronavirus?
Can I use the University Library if I have been (PCR or antigen) tested positive for coronavirus?
I am not a student of the University of Vienna and attended a course at the University. Who do I have to contact to notify the University of my confirmed COVID-19 infection?
What information and guidance are available about studying for persons with impairments, persons facing travel restrictions, persons who have to self-isolate, etc.?
I am not (fully) vaccinated: Can I attend courses and exams on site?
How and where can I find reliable information about COVID-19?