Studying on site

Students sitting in the lecture hall, wearing FFP2 face masks.

© Arnold Pöschl - Please note that you need to wear an FFP2 face mask.

Regulations for your stay at the University

On-site participation only when tested, vaccinated or if you have recovered from an infection

  • Participants must have been tested or vaccinated, or must have recovered from a COVID-19 infection (antigen rapid tests are no longer accepted) to be able to attend on-site courses and exams.
  • We recommend only using reading areas, study spaces and Student Spaces for study groups, etc. if you have been tested, vaccinated or have recovered from a COVID-19 infection.
  • You may have to book study places and register by scanning the QR codes on site.

Students sitting in the lecture hall, wearing FFP2 face masks.

© Arnold Pöschl - Please note that you need to wear an FFP2 face mask.

Checklist: Before the course/exam

  • Check the format of the course (digital, hybrid or on-site) on u:find.
  • Make sure that you have valid evidence of being tested, vaccinated or have recovered from an infection. (valid types of evidence - antigen rapid tests are not accepted).
  • Go to u:space and check whether you are duly registered for the course/exam.
  • Check your Webmail account as well as Moodle to see if there are any short-term changes regarding the relevant course/exam.
  • For courses that take place on site, students may have to announce via Moodle that they really wish to attend the course on site (and not online).
  • Do not forget to bring
    • your FFP2 face mask;
    • valid evidence of being tested, vaccinated or have recovered (use the "Green Pass" App and keep a printed copy with you);
    • a valid official photo identification card (e.g. u:card);
    • headset, laptop with microphone, charger and if possible spare battery and
    • hand sanitiser.

Seat number record for courses/exams (mandatory)

The seat number record allows you to reconstruct which seats you used in which lecture hall and when. It also applies to workplaces in the laboratory. Please maintain this list regularly and thoroughly. It serves to protect yourself as well as others.

Ih you are infected with COVID-19 and have been present at lectures or exams at the university, contact the University of Vienna and provide us with the information from your seat number record.

Vienna University Library (UB):

If you want to use the on-site services of the Vienna University Library, please consult the Vienna University Library to obtain information about the applicable rules.

Places for Studying on site

Certain rooms at the University of Vienna can currently be used to a limited extent, subject to the applicable COVID-19 hygiene rules and rules of conduct. Due to the minimum distance requirement, the number of available study places is limited. You may have to register in advance or reserve a seat. 

Picture of a working space with laptop.

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