Regulations for certain groups of students who cannot take part in courses/exams on site.

"In case of force majeure (such as natural disasters, pandemics) or in case of comparable severe restrictions in emergency situations (such as war or war-like situations), the Rectorate may enact deviating regulations for students who are directly affected by the relevant situation and who are able to complete a partial achievement as part of a course with continuous assessment online or take an exam in a digital format, but who are unable to participate on site."

Statutes of the University of Vienna, Section Study Law, § 13i

The corresponding regulations currently in force are summarized below. The official text of the ordinance can be found in the University Gazette

Regardless of this special rule, students with impairments are still entitled to request an alternative mode of assessment.

Students affected by the war in Ukraine & by the natural disaster (earthquake) in Türkiye and Syria

Some of the students of the University of Vienna are affected by the war in Ukraine and the earthquake in Türkiye and Syria. Those who are currently not able to leave their country - regardless of their citizenship - can apply for a deviating, digital mode for courses and exams in accordance with § 13i of the Statutes of the University of Vienna (section Study Law). 

Who is eligible?

If you belong to one of the following groups, you can request digital alternatives or substitute achievements to on-site exams and on-site coursesWith regard to war in Ukraine: Students who are subject to legal or factual travel restrictions due to the war in Ukraine and can therefore not participate on site.

  • Students who are subject to legal or factual travel restrictions due to the war in Ukraine and can therefore not participate on site;
  • Students who can demonstrate in a credible way that they are not in Austria due to the natural disaster in Turkey and Syria on 6 February 2023 and who
    • are on a disaster or relief mission in the crisis area,
    • have to take over the acute care of close relatives in the crisis area or
    • cannot leave the country themselves due to personal impairments (especially injuries, unforeseen loss of financial means for the return journey).

How to proceed?

You contact the examiner/lecturer directly by sending an e-mail from your u:account e-mail address.

When do I have to contact the examiner/lecturer?

  • You have to notify the examiner/lecturer immediately, but not later than seven days before the examination date/date of the completion of the partial achievement if there are foreseeable reasons that prevent you from participating on site.
  • If the reason for non-attendance was unforeseeable, this notification can be made no later than three days before the exam date/date of the completion of the partial achievement (e.g. if tested positive for COVID-19 or due to closure of the childcare facility).
  • If you contact us at short notice, we cannot guarantee due to organisational reasons, that an adaptation of the exam/partial achievement for the planned partial achievement/exam date is possible.

Do I have to present proof?

You have to credibly demonstrate that you meet the requirements. If examiners/lecturers or the director of studies have doubts, they can request students to provide proof.

How is the decision taken?

First, the lecturers and the directorate of studies assess whether a deviating alternative mode or a substitute achievement and a quality-based performance assessment are possible based on the learning outcomes.

Adaptations are, in particular:

  • take-home exam
  • online participation in the course or
  • oral exam in a digital format instead of a written exam on site.

What are the next steps?

Yes, an adaptation is possible:

  • You receive an e-mail informing you about the new modes of assessment.
  • The adapted exam/adapted partial achievement takes place closely to the original date of the completion of the partial achievement/exam date. This allows you and the lecturers to prepare for the new conditions.

No, adaptations are not possible due to the learning outcomes/quality assurance or notification at short notice:

  • If the lecturer in agreement with the director of studies finds that an adaptation to a deviating digital mode is not possible and the exam/partial achievement thus must be held on site, you will receive an information e-mail via your u:account e-mail address.
  • You are entitled to de-register from the exam/course with continuous assessment.


This regulation expires on 30 September 2023.