Support and technical equipment

On this page, you can find an overview of support and services of the University of Vienna. Some technical aids are also available for borrowing. For further information and descriptions, please see the linked websites.

Person arbeitet mit Bildschirmlesegerät (c) Barbara Mair

Students with a severe visual impairment can use a screen reader to magnify texts in books, lecture notes or notes written on the blackboard. You can borrow a portable screen reader and/or use the screen readers at the computer workstations. © Universität Wien / Barbara Mair



Individual study support

The ISU project (in German) offers individual 1:1 support for students with an impairment, if technical or other measures aimed at ensuring accessibility are not effective. Support is provided by students completing the specialisation in inclusive education (focus on impairments) in the teacher education programme.

Literature service of the Vienna University Library

The "literature service for blind and visually impaired persons" offered by the Vienna University Library digitises texts that are not accessible.

Video and audio recordings

In some courses, video recordings (live stream) or audio recordings (in German) are offered via u:stream at the University of Vienna. In courses that do not use u:stream, it can make university life of students with an impairment easier if they are allowed to make an audio recording themselves (subject to the consent of the lecturer). You can borrow recording devices from the Accessible Studying Team (for a deposit).

Computer workstations

Workstations (in German) tailored to the needs of persons with certain impairments are available at two locations of the Vienna University Library. In addition to specific hardware, they are also equipped with software required by persons with specific impairments.

Mobility training

The Mobility training (in German) is an offer for blind persons or persons with a severe visual impairment. Supported by mobility trainers, it allows them to practice how to safely follow different paths using aids such as a cane. This service is offered by different institutions. The University of Vienna can provide financial support for the mobility training.

Mobiles Bildschirmlesegerät (c) Team Barrierefrei

Mobile screen reader to borrow.

Studentin beim Mitschreiben (c) Barbara Mair

Students who cannot take notes themselves can get support from fellow students. Bild: © Universität Wien / Barbara Mair

Foto Blindenleitlinien Universität Wien

The mobility training serves to practice routes in university buildings. Bild: © Universität Wien / Barbara Mair