Let's Talk – Get information on site!

You have informed yourself on our website, but still have questions regarding the admission to bachelor/diploma and master programmes or the "Studienberechtigungsprüfung" (studying without secondary-school leaving certificate) which you want to ask in person? Then Let's Talk, the on-site information of the Admission Office, is the right offer for you. Think about which questions you want to ask specifically, and arrive at your appointment well-prepared. Carefully read the info on this website, before you book an appointment. 

 What can I do at Let's Talk?



How Let's Talk works

There are no special requirements for your Let's Talk appointment. Regardless of whether you want to study for the first time, are already studying or want to you resume your studies. What is important is, that you check out the information provided on our website before you book an appointment. That way, you can ask specific questions. Detailed information about your steps in the admission procedure, the entrance exam procedure and current deadlines are available for you online at any time. 

Step 1: Inform yourself

Read the information on our website carefully. For many topics you will also find also find an overview of the most frequently asked questions as well as links to relevant website on the bottom of the page. If your questions are neither answered on the website nor in the FAQ, continue with step two. 

Step 2: Book an appointment at Let's Talk

  1. Select the service "Let's Talk: Information" and the appropriate type of degree programme. If you have a question regarding non-degree programmes, please choose the service (bachelor/diploma, master or "Studien­berechtigungs­prüfung") that is most related to the reason for your non-degree programme. You can find the link to the appointment-booking tool on the bottom of this page. 
  2. Choose an appointment in the calendar. Appointments can be booked no earlier than 21 days in advance.
  3. Enter the required contact information.  
  4. Accept the Terms of Service and the Data Protection Declaration and book the appointment. 
  5. You will receive a booking confirmation on the e-mail address you provided. Do not delete the booking confirmation! You can only check in for your appointment with the booking number or QR code contained therein.  

Step 3: Attend the appointment

  1. Come to the Admission Office.
    University of Vienna
    Universitätsring 1
    Hof IV, Stair 6
    1010 Vienna
  2. Check in for your appointment at the terminal of the Admission Office. The terminal is located diagonally across room TP 153. You can check in no earlier than 15 minutes in advance. 
  3. You will receive your waiting number. Do not lose it. 
  4. Wait until your waiting number is called. There is a screen opposite the terminal. On it you will see which waiting number is next in line. 
  5. Go to your assigned counter in room TP 153. You can ask your questions there. 


Graphic depiction on how to find the room TP 153

 Change or cancel your appointment

Do not let your appointment expire. If you are unable or do not want to keep your appointment, please cancel it as early as possible via the link in your booking confirmation. Thereby, the appointment can be booked by someone else. You will receive a cancellation confirmation. This may take a few minutes. You can cancel or change your appointment no later than 30 minutes before it starts. 



  • I did not receive a booking confirmation via e-mail. What can I do?

    Sometimes the sending of the confirmation e-mail takes a few minutes. Also make sure to check your spam folder. Additionally, we will send you reminders 24 hours and 60 minutes before your appointment. These reminders contain all data you require for the appointment. 

  • Scanning my QR code does not work. How can I check in for my appointment?

    If the QR code cannot be scanned successfully, please enter your booking number manually. You can also find it in your booking confirmation. 

  • Do I need an appointment?

    Yes, if you want to use the offer of Let's Talk, you have to book an appointment via our appointment-booking tool in advance. Appointments cannot be booked directly on site. 

  • In the appointment-booking tool it says "currently no appointments are available". How should I proceed?

    Appointments for Let's Talk are only offered outside the admission period. Therefore, the next appointments for Let's Talk will be offered at the beginning of April. You can book appointments no earlier than 21 days in advance. New appointments are continuously added. Please try again later or on another day. 

  • I cannot come to Let's Talk. Where else can I ask my questions?

    Use our other contact options. We are happy to answer your questions via the contact form or phone

    If you have already booked an appointment at Let's Talk, please cancel it as early as possible. Thereby someone else can use it. You can cancel the appointment no later than 30 minutes before its start. 

  • Do I have to come to Let's Talk to be admitted to a degree programme?

    No. Let's Talk is intended purely for information. You can use the offer, if you have questions about the admission procedure. Administrative steps (e.g. admission to or closing of a degree programme) cannot be carried out at Let's Talk. 

    The (first-time) admission to degree programmes is only possible within the admission period.