What is ISU-peer-counselling?

ISU peer counselling is one of the three support services offered as part of the individual study support (ISU) for neurodivergent students and students with mental illnesses.

ISU peer counselling is provided by students enrolled on the teacher education programme who are specialising in Inclusive Education (focus on impairments) and by students enrolled on the master’s programme in Psychology. All students providing individual study support also complete a range of accompanying courses at the same time.

The counselling service is characterised by a high level of flexibility on the part of the students receiving support and those providing support. Students can independently book individual counselling sessions with the ISU counsellors via the Moodle course according to their needs. 

What is the goal of the ISU-peer-counselling?

The main goal of the ISU peer counselling is to enable students to better cope with everyday university life and to thus contribute to equal opportunities in higher education for all.

The Moodle course is intended to provide structure and support, enabling flexibility as well as individual responsibility and independence. 

target group

Students of the University of Vienna,

  • who are neurodivergent and therefore have concentration difficulties or need special attention in their  learning environment,
  • who have difficulties structuring their learning material or the requirements of their courses,
  • who need support in organising and planning their studies,
  • who struggle with exam anxiety and are looking for strategies to cope with it. 

How can ISU-peer-counselling help?


The ISU counsellors can support students in the following areas: 

  • Organising and planning their studies
  • Creating a study plan and structuring the learning material
  • Writing e-mails to teachers and university staff
  • Discussing possible strategies for coping with exam anxiety 
  • Developing strategies for coping with motivational difficulties 

 How can I register for the ISU-peer-counselling?

    From the application to the counselling session:

    1. Complete the application form.
    2. After you have successfully applied, you will receive access to the  Moodle course, which offers an overview including  profiles of the peer counsellors as well as the councelling dates.
    3. Read the short instructions in the Moodle course carefully. 
    4. Have a look at the profiles and councelling dates of the peer councellors and consider when you would like to receive counsellling.
    5. Register for the relevant dates with the preferred peer counsellor.