What does an ISU-study-buddy do?

The ISU study buddy provides personal support to improve equal opportunities for students with impairments. The study buddies are mainly used where conventional accessibility measures do not suffice to overcome barriers.

Most ISU study buddies are students enrolled on the teacher education programme who are specialising in Inclusive Education (focus on impairments) and students enrolled on the master’s programme in Psychology. They prepare for their activity and are sensitised and professionally accompanied as part of a customised range of courses.

The ISU study buddies accompany and support the applicants individually and, if necessary, in various activities relevant to their studies (see examples below).

target group

Students of the University of Vienna,

  • who encounter barriers in their studies despite accessibility measures and

  • who experience a disadvantage in their studies due to

    • gross and/or fine motor function impairments
    • sensory impairments 
    • chronic illnesses
    • mental illnesses/impairments
    • autistic perception
    • acute health conditions

How can ISU-study-buddies provide support?


ISU-study-buddies can support participants in the following areas:

  • providing guidance around university locations
  • Assistance during lectures and exams
  • Support in gross and/or fine motor activities
  • Preparing accessible study related materials
  • Preparing lecture notes 
  • Communicating with teachers, fellow students and other people at the university
  • other individual, study-related support activities.