Admission to master programmes

Your steps in the admission procedure for a master programme depend on whether you have a degree from the University of Vienna or from another university.


Please keep the application deadlines in mind, and take care of preparing the required documents for your admission to a degree programme before the beginning of the application period. Due to the global situation regarding COVID-19, delays, for example with issuance, legalisation and translation of your documents, may arise.

Admission with a degree from the University of Vienna

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Master Access Guide

  • For the admission to a master programme you need to have completed a bachelor's degree (or diploma degree) in the same or a related discipine. The degree must be equivalent in duration and content. With the Master Access Guide you can find out which bachelor's degrees qualify for the master's admission.

Visiting Master

  • Master students from other universities also have the possibility to study one semester in a equivalent programme as Visiting Master at the University of Vienna.

Cooperation Central European University (CEU)

  • Students enrolled in a master programme at the University of Vienna or the Central European University are eligible to complete single courses at the partner institution as part of the mutual exchange programme.