Registration for courses and examinations

Check out the new registration system!

From now on, registrations for courses with continuous and non-continuous assessment as well as exams are carried out entirely in the new registration system in u:space. The new registration is much more user-friendly and can be done on different devices (tablet, smartphone, desktop). A big thank you to all those students who supported us by participating in user tests and surveys and thus contributed to the further development of the registration system!

You can find more information about the new features on u:space.

The following page provides instructions on how to register for courses and exams.

In order to register for courses and exams, you will need an active u:account as well as a valid admission to a degree programme at the University of Vienna.

Registration for courses
Registration for exams





Registration for courses


Step 1: Check your record of examinations
Step 2: Select an achievement from your curriculum
Step 3: Select course in u:find
Step 4: Register for a course

 Registration deadlines 2020/21W (German only)

Registration for exams


Step 1: Search examination on u:find
Step 2: Register for the examination

ABC of terminology

Registering for exams